About Naturally Herbal

Naturally Herbal started over ten years ago as a small hobby venture based at Titirangi Market, that has now grown into an exciting adventure, with customers from all over the world. We have recently expanded our product range and more is in the pipeline using recipes based on traditional Western herbal wisdom.

What We Offer

Naturally Herbal offer a diverse range of single herb herbal topical ointments, lip balms, nourishing hand creams and Castile Soap made in the traditional way. All of our products are made by hand in small batches, here in New Zealand, using strict quality control. We use only the best quality ingredients (organic products where ever possible) from New Zealand and imported.

Ointment Use

A little goes a long way!  These ointments are in oil and used sparingly will give relief to the various conditions described.  Rub a small amount onto your fingers and apply to the affected area, massaging it in gently. Frequency of application varies according to the herb, so read the product details for more information.

They may stain bedclothes if used at night but this should wash out. Not suitable for burns healing as ointments are oil based. 

Please refer to the information given for each herb as there are certain conditions when these ointments should not be used.

Existing Medical Conditions and Pregnancy

Please consult your Doctor/Physician if currently using medications prior to using our ointments. If irritation or rash occurs stop using the ointments. If the condition persists, please consult your physician.

We strongly recommend professional advice for using ointments during pregnancy and breast feeding, due to the possibility of severe allergic reaction to ingredients.

Detailed Contraindications are given under each Herbal Ointment.

Ointment Storage

We recommend that you store our products in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight to ensure quality. If stored correctly, the ointments and lip balms should last at least two years.

Where you will find us

Our stall with its range of beautiful ointments is at the following markets:

Titirangi Village Market - last Sunday of each Month 10am - 2pm


Mt Eden Craft Fair  - Middle Saturday of Each Month  10am - 4pm


Ormiston Family Market

Crafternoon Tea Mt Albert


For general information or questions, please e-mail us at info@naturallyherbal.co.nz and we will respond as soon as we can.

Many thanks.

Health and wellbeing..... naturally!